Adopt A Park


Adopt A Park applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Based on the size of the park, more than one organization may adopt a park. Please contact Karen West at 810.767.9696 if you have questions about a specific park. A complete list of adopted parks along with their Park Adopter groups is provided below.

2016 Adopt a Park Guidelines and Information
2016 Adopt a Park Application
2016 City of Flint Parks Classification, Adoption Status and Guidelines for Adoption
2015 City of Flint Parks and Trail Map

The ADOPT A PARK program encourages volunteer groups to formally participate in making a City of Flint park an attractive, clean and safe place to gather and play. As part of the program, Keep Genesee County Beautiful provides information and resources to help volunteer groups develop the organizational skills, knowledge and partnerships necessary to adopt and reclaim parks in the City of Flint.

Well-kept parks: 1) Can add beauty to a neighborhood, 2) Provide safe and clean spaces for children to play, 3) Provide a place to gather with neighbors, 4) Reduce crime and vandalism, 5) Improve health by offering opportunities for recreation and exercise, 6) Increase property values, 7) Reflect the history and culture of the neighborhood, and 8) Attract new residents, businesses, and investments. Keep Genesee County Beautiful invites neighborhood groups, block clubs and associations, community and civic groups, non-profit organizations, businesses and other interested parties to become involved in the ADOPT A PARK program. These volunteer groups assume responsibility for the general cleanliness and condition of a park.

The program involves three levels:

1) Park Adopters (Level 1) is open to a group of volunteers who are committed to making and keeping a City of Flint park clean and safe. This is accomplished by regular park clean ups and weekly maintenance (as described in the ADOPT A PARK Agreement). Park Adopters are asked to participate in two different training sessions: (1) Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts applied to City of Flint parks as an initial effort to improve safety and security, and (2) How to Develop a Park Master Plan.

2) Park Tenders (Level 2) is open to committed groups of volunteers who have been actively working in a park over a period of time to keep it clean, may have received other funding for their park and/or have established programing or activities in the park. Park Tenders are required to participate in (1) Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts applied to City of Flint parks as an initial effort to improve safety and security, (2) Attend intensive planning sessions to develop a current five-year Park Maser Plan that will be included in the City of Flint Parks and Recreation Five Year Plan. Park Tenders will receive park improvements as developed and included in their park master plan after completion of program requirements. Park improvements may include new playground equipment, removal/repair and/or demolition of hazardous playground equipment, picnic tables, fencing, baseball diamonds, basketball court overhauls, etc. and a new City of Flint park sign.

3) Park Keepers (Level 3) is open to volunteer groups who have completed Park Adopters and Park Tenders, who have completed the major work in their Park Master Plan and are willing to continue to maintain their park, seek other funding for their park and/or develop regular programming for their park.

Adopt A Park Program Participants

Park Adopters (25)

Park                                                                                 Volunteer Sponsor

Amos Park                                                   GRACE Community Christian Fellowship

Berston Park                                                Friends of Berston Park

Bonner Park                                                 Second Chance Church

Brennan Park                                              South Parks Neighborhood Association

Broome Park                                               Greater Flint Baseball/Softball Association

Cook Park                                                    GEARup2LEAD and Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint – Key Club

Delaware Park                                            GRACE Community Christian Fellowship

East Street Park                                          Flint  Downtown Development Authority

Eldorado Vista Park                                  AFSCME Local 496 Chapter 7

Flint River Trail                                         Flint River Corridor Alliance

Gerholz Park                                               Friends of Gerholz Park

Hamilton Park                                            Flint Downtown Development Authority

Hasselbring Park                                        Neighbors United Block Club and Hasselbring Senior Center

Iroquois Park                                              St. Mark Baptist Church

Kellar Park                                                  Friends of Kellar Park

McFarlan Veterans Memorial Park       Friends of McFarlan Park

Metawanenee Park                                    Metawanenee Historic Neighborhood Association

Mott Park Recreation Area                      Mott Park Recreation Area Association

Polk Park                                                     Friends of Polk Park

Ramona Park                                              Metawanenee Historic Neighborhood Association

Riverbank Park                                           Downtown Development Authority

Rollingwood Park                                      Friends of Rollingwood Park

Sarvis Park                                                  Reviving Our City’s Communities and Charity United Methodist Church

Veterans Memorial Park                          Flint River Corridor Allliance

West Boulevard Park                                Flint River Corridor Alliance

Whaley Park                                               Greater Flint Baseball/Softball Association

Wilkins Park                                               Flint Inner City Junior Golf

Windiate Park                                             Friends of Windiate Park

Woodlawn Park                                          Friends of Woodlawn Park


Park Tenders (4)

Hardenbrook Park                                 Flint Northern Alumni Class of 1974

Longway Park                                         Potter Longway Neighborhood Association

Mott Park                                                 Mott Park Neighborhood Association

Sarginson Park                                        West Flint Community Watch and South Baptist Church


Park Keepers (2)

Durant Park                                            Christ Enrichment Center

Mann Hall Park                                     West Flint Neighborhood Watch and West Court Street Church of God